Do Frequent Blog Updates Increase your Chances of Success?

blog frequency

There is an old wives tale floating around in the internet that successful blogs are the ones that get updated a lot. You would think that this is true because if you look at some of the biggest blogs out there, they do have daily updates. That much is true. However, the question is, are they successful because they update daily or can their success be traced to other reasons. I submit that the reason these blogs are successful is not because they update frequently, it is because they produce high quality content. Here are the reasons why.

Focus on quality.

Many bloggers that want to make money think that all you need to do is update very frequently and just blast your viewers with a lot of content. In other words, baffle them with BS. It doesn’t work that way. Every post that you have on your blog either establishes your credibility or erodes your credibility. There is no middle ground. If you’re going to publish garbage, your blog is going to establish a reputation for low quality and people are going to leave. People are not going to seek you out and they are definitely not going to refer you to their friends. It is much better to use ‘fewer but better’ strategy. It’s better to post a few blog posts but make sure that they are way better than any other blog posts in your particular niche or field.

Focus on originality.

When you are updating, the temptation is to just say the same things other people are saying. If you do that, you are not giving your viewers a good reason why they should read your blog instead of somebody else’s blog. If you’re going to say the same stuff everybody else is saying, it makes more sense for your viewers just to go to those other blogs instead of yours. Make sure you focus on originality. Either say things in a different way, or say different things altogether.

Focus on social sharing.

Your posts must be made to be shared. In this age of Twitter and Facebook, you are leaving a lot of money on the table if you are not writing your posts in such a way that they can be shared, and shared easily. Frequent blog updates don’t really address this issue. You are just trying to fill your blog with crap updates and it’s not going to make them any more worthy of social sharing. It’s much better to update less frequently but put in a lot more time, effort, and energy into each blog post so that the quality shines out and screams ‘share me.’

Focus on added value.

If you are going to be cranking out blog updates like hotcakes, the first thing to go out the window is added value. Added value takes the form of graphics, video, info graphics; if you are in a rush to just update frequently, you are not going to have the time, effort, or resources to invest in these important elements. These elements really add value to your blog post because they can make it easier to share and also make it clear to the reader that you’ve spent a lot more time and effort on your blog post than your competitors. So update less frequently and focus more on value-added elements.