Is Your Blog Keeping Up with the Times?

Blog Updates

It’s really interesting if you do a search on Google and look for really old blogs. We’re talking updates posted before 2003. There are a lot of blog posts that go earlier than that date and it’s very interesting to see how they’re structured and what they look like compared to a typical modern blog post. Sadly, there are many bloggers that blog and post materials that look exactly like they were posted before 2003; in other words, they blog in a very outdated manner. The internet moves at light speed and if your blog doesn’t look and doesn’t feel right, your viewers are going to leave. All the time, effort, and money you spent trying to drag people to your website would have been wasted. If you don’t want to waste your traffic, pay attention to the four modern trends listed below that ensure that your blog is up to date.

Use more info graphics.

Info graphics have been around for a few years but they’ve become so popular nowadays that they have become almost obligatory. If you want to be treated seriously, you have to have info graphics. I’m sorry that things have evolved that way but that is the reality. If you want to be looked at as credible, have at least a few info graphics scattered throughout your blog. Don’t completely miss the boat on info graphics. Info graphics help your blog because they are easy to share and they quickly summarize your points in a graphic easy to understand matter. They help your brand tremendously because they are graphical in nature. Use more info graphics. Thanks to websites like Fiverr, it is now cheaper to get info graphics. Before, you’d have to spend a few hundred bucks for a nice collection of info graphics. At Fiverr, you only need to spend five dollars.

Use more videos.

A picture might be worth a thousand words, but a video is worth a million pictures. Use more videos more often. The great thing about videos is that they are easy to create. You just need to turn on your webcam camera, look presentable, and just talk to the camera; and there you go, instant content for your blog. You can transcribe that content and comment on that content; there’s just so many ways you can slice and dice video related content. Get on the video bandwagon. It helps your blog become more personable and people are more emotionally engaged when they look at a video. Make sure to use video for your maximum advantage.

Use a mobile-friendly theme.

Since the launch of the Apple iPhone, the world has become mobile. More and more people are viewing the internet through mobile devices. You need to get with the times. If you are using a blog theme that is optimized for desktop computers, your blog is out of date. Make sure you update your theme by getting a mobile-friendly theme. What is a mobile-friendly theme? This is a theme that resizes your content and reorganizes your content based on the device your visitor is using to view your website. So if your visitor is using a tablet, your website will be resized to tablet size. If they are using a smart phone, your blog will be reformatted to fit within such a small space.

Use fast growing social media sites.

Facebook and Twitter are old social media sites. They are grandpas’ social media sites. If you want to be up to date, you have to promote on Pinterest and Slide Share. Get with the times. There are many social media sites and social network sites appearing all the time. Make sure that you are found there. You just never know which one of them will become the next Facebook. You need to take full advantage of trends or else you risk getting left behind.