The Secret Sauce to Blogging

blogging secret sauce

If you go to a successful burger restaurant in the United States and ask the owner, a lot of the times they’ll tell you the reason they’re successful is they have a secret sauce. This may be true and this may not be true. But what counts is that there is a secret element that few people know about that helps them achieve the level of success that they are enjoying. The same principle applies to blogging. When you read many successful blogs, they have a secret sauce. The good news is I am going to share with you the most common elements of that secret sauce. The secret sauce is going to vary from blog to blog. If your blog is going to be successful, it’s because you have compiled your own mix of this particular ‘secret sauce.’ But here are the most common elements of blogging success secret sauces.

The standard formula is not enough.

The standard formula for blogging is to blog around niches and topics that have commercial value, decent search volume, have low competition levels, and enjoy a decent demand from social media. This is the standard formula. Everybody and his dog is blogging with this standard formula in mind. Unfortunately, since everybody is doing the same thing, this is not going to give you a competitive advantage. So if you just do this and stop there, you’re not going to go anywhere, your blog is not going to gain any attraction. You have to remember, the standard formula is not enough. You have to do something more. You have to offer something better for you to gain a competitive advantage.

You need to be social.

Your blog must be a social website. Sure, your blog is not structured like a Facebook or a Twitter but it doesn’t matter. You have to look at your blog as a social media website. It has to be connected with other blogs. It has to connect with your readers. It has to engage your readers in such a way that it pushes them to share your content. In other words, do not look at your blog as an island that is just cut off from competition and cut off from potential allies. You have to reach out, you have to connect, and you have to build relationships.

Focus on thought leaders in your niche.

Every blogging niche has a few established and recognized leaders. This is unavoidable. Regardless of whatever social situation you are in, there will always be people that will be more popular than others. Get used to it. Get over it. That’s how life works. Instead of sulking and hating on those people, become their friends. Invite them to your blog. Engage them on their blogs in a conversation that ends up with them going to your blog and commenting on your blog post. After all, you are trying to piggyback on their fame. Don’t hate them for their fame; use their fame to create your own fame.

Get allies.

If you establish a brand, you need to know that there are people that are looking for brand leadership. There are people looking to partner with winners. If you have established some level of success with your blog, make sure you ally yourself with blogs that are more popular than yours. In other words, try to marry upwards instead of downwards because if you try to ally with lower blogs, they might just drag you down. Become part of the inner circle of bloggers that are in your niche. These inner circles do exist. This is not a conspiracy theory. They do exist because that’s how human beings are, we tend to be cliquish. We tend to be clannish. So it’s very important to find out the in crowd and become part of them.