Why Most Bloggers Fail to Make Money

Blogging Success

In a sad survey of blogs that was published in the New York Times a few years’ back. Almost 90% of blogs fail.Think about that:  of all the millions of blogs that are started every single month, ninety percent of them fail.  The study didn’t go far back enough in time.  I highly suspect that if you track these blogs long enough, even the ten percent that supposedly succeeded, most of them will fail a few years down the road.  It is very sad that most bloggers will fail to make money.  Most blogs will fail.  If you don’t want your blog to be one of these failures, you need to pay careful attention to the four key reasons why most bloggers fail to make money.

It’s very simple: When you don’t make any money, you will stop blogging.  When you stop blogging, your blog has failed.  In fact, it’s very alarming to see many blog links that are filled with deleted domains.  You click a blog roll, and you go to a blog that has been deleted, or the domain is up for sale.

Keep the following tips in mind  so your blog doesn’t become a casualty, doesn’t become yet another statistic.

No Game Plan

According to the author of the seven habits of highly effective people Stephen Covy, you have to begin with the end in mind.  In other words, whatever it is that you’re doing, whether trying to make money online, trying to establish a relationship, trying to do well in your job, trying to become a better parent, whatever it is you’re trying to do, you have to focus on the end.  What is your objective?  In other words, have a game plan.  Most bloggers fail because they don’t have a game plan.  They just think that all you need to do is get WordPress, buy a domain, buy hosting, start writing, and  all of the sudden all of this money come drop down from heaven. It doesn’t work that way, you have to have a game plan.  The more detailed your plan is, the more you can schedule, the more you can schedule, the more you are able to achieve.  The more you are able to follow through on your plans, the higher your chance you’re going to make money.  It doesn’t get any simpler than that folks, you have to have a game plan.

Focusing on low-value niches and keywords

There are many keywords you can target on the internet.  There are many niches you can focus on the internet.  Not all niches a and keywords are created equal.  Some make more money than others.  While some keywords and niches can get you a few pennies, for all that hard work you put in.  You could have invested that same amount of work and time and made hundreds of dollars focusing on other niches and keywords.  You have to focus on keywords and niches’ that pay well.  It’s not enough that you’re passionate about the keyword.  It’s not enough that keyword or niches have a lot of traffic.  All that goes down the toilet if you can’t make money off that niche or keyword.  You have to think in basic terms.  You have to always ask yourself this question.  Am I going to make money, targeting this niche or keyword?

Focusing on highly competitive niches.

There are many keywords you can find online that get a lot of search traffic and advertisers will pay a lot of money for them.  The problem is, everybody and his dog is building a web page, trying to target  that same keyword.  If you find yourself going after these types of keywords and niches, you’re going to lose out why?  There are many people in the blogging game that are more experienced than you.  They know blogging like the back of their hands.  They can run circles around you, you are going to lose.  So don’t compete, don’t focus on highly competitive niches and keywords.You have to set up the game so that it works to your advantage.  Don’t play a losing game.

Too Focused on making money.

Many bloggers put up blogs because they just want to make money.  That’s the long and short of their blogging enterprise.  The whole rationale is to make money.  If you are going to be blogging and you just want to make money, you’re going to lose.  Why?  Real success according to Steve Jobs and many other billionaires is driven by passion.  You have to be passionate about the right things,  you have to be passionate about the things that pay well and have little competition..  But at the end of the game, its driven by passion.  If you are just focused on making money, but you hate what you do, you’re going to fail because your heart is not in it.  Why?  There will be many challenges that will come your way.  There will be many times that you’re not going to be making any income.  That you have many problem customers you will have to deal with,  or problem contractors.  Problems will appear but it will be your passion and your love that will push you over these problems.  However, if you’re just focused on making money, the moment you encounter these obstacles, you’ll quit and that’s why 90% of blogs fail.  Don’t be one of them.